Outside In is a different kind of Pest Control Company. With over 60 years of combined experience in the pest control business, we know as do all the other pest control providers, that over 95% of pest sighting inside homes and businesses are ants and other small crawling insects. Instead of offering a program that covers everything from centipedes to crickets, we designed a program focused on eliminating the ants and small insects. Not exactly rocket science! By the way; when was the last time you had an infestation of centipedes? We would guess never: and the other companies are betting on that too. So while they bundle services that you don´t need to inflate the cost of their programs, Outside In deals with your real pest problems, and we do it effectively, and at a price that is significantly less than what they charge. As a matter of fact, our service can actually cost less than doing it yourself as a homeowner.

Our "Circle of Protection Service" virtually eliminates insect sightings inside your home or workspace, because it eliminates insects where they live; in the soil around the outside of your property. We apply an invisible band of protection around the exterior perimeter of your home or workspace. Insects don´t know it´s there so they can´t avoid it. They pick it up on their bodies, return to their nests, and the entire colony is eliminated. This reduces the need to apply pesticides inside, and reduces interior pest sightings. Outside In Pest Control, uses Termidor Insecticide for our perimeter treatments. This material costs significantly more
than the repellents and baits that the other companies use, but to us it´s worth it, because a satisfied customer is our best advertisement. In addition, Termidor provides long lasting control, so residential service is required only once every three months, which is more convenient than monthly service. And, with Outside In, you never have to sign a contract. All services are pay as you go.

Outside In Pest Control is different in another very important way. Every team member is a partner in the Company, and as such each is empowered to do whatever it takes to insure your total satisfaction. At Outside In, if it´s not right we will return and make it right, or refund your money; no questions asked! So give us a call or schedule an appointment on line.

At Outside In Pest Control, we´ll get rid of your pest problems the right way, right away!